Pet Sitting Services

Your pet will be cared for every day by SD Dog Walker when you can’t be there. Our visits create a sense of security because your pet’s routines and surroundings remain the same.

Whether you’re away on vacation or on business, we’ll take good care of all your pet’s needs while you’re away with lots of TLC. Keeping pets in their own homes helps them cope with their owner’s absence and reduces anxiety and stress. So you can enjoy your time away and your dogs can feel safe and happy.

As part of our pet-care services, we provide meals, exercise, playtime, and litter box cleaning. Because of this, in-home pet care is the preferred method of pet care for pet owners.

Each of our service comes with a brief text or email, whichever you prefer with a photo and video of your pup on a walk.

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San Diego Pet Sitting Services

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